Sunday, 2 March 2014

nutella chocolate cake

tell me who on earth dislike nutella?? (but still there must be few people who dont. hehe)
somebody requested me nutella cake.
i dont have any recipe for nutella cake
but i love my moist chocolate cake's recipe and so, i used it for this cake.
below are 2 example i able to find in internet.

(took from google image)

(from google image)

so i tried to do my own version of nutella cake.
i could do the stand version or the supine version (horizontal lie)
but i chose the later since i dont wanna cut out so much cake.
membazir. -.-

i used marshmallow fondant. coloured it into dark chocolate and beat in some chocolate flavour too.

as for the tag/wrapper or wutever.. i used white fondant. rolled into thin sheet and draw that picture which resembles nutella. i used an edible black pen.. from garnet i think..

this part i love the most! i miss drawing n painting. =') i used a clean small tip brush and cooking colourings to paint the drawing. =D i shaded a bit too. well, quite messy.

n tadaa.. finished. 2kg weighted. easy to deco.. but difficult to prepare. it's a long process since u have to kneat fondant like hours.. wait for hours and keep the things carefully so it wont be dried and wasted. i dont know why i never buy fondant. (dasar kedekut) i shud be buying it next time. it cud save me hours.

that's all.. thank you~ =D

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