Wednesday, 7 May 2014

my first wedding cake ever

when i got this order i was like, really?
but, really! i really wanted to make a wedding cake.
no matter how small the cake is or how simple it cud be.
so i agreed. (without thinking. lol)

it was requested to be this cake. rainbow cake.
i wished i cud do all 7 colours. or at least 6, but i was afraid that the cake wud look weird. (since miss customer requested sumthing like in a picture she sent to me. So mrs owner-of-the-cake, if u're mad my cake looked alike urs, im sorry. *im asking permission ere. hehe) they were same in arrangement and shape. but colours, deco and the cake itself were different. =)

the bottom cake, i used 10'' square mould. rainbow cake too.

the topper. haha errr.. love-shaped mould size 7''? or 6.5? i dunno..

the most challenging part was when i have to lift the top cake from the plate n place it nicely on top of the base cake. without destroying the side of the fondant i neatly wrapped.. T.T
but before that, please do make sure, u place some support-like-pillars below it. i put big straws.. a number of them. i think 6-7 of them. at the area where u're planning to place ur topper.

so that's it. It was a damn great experience. Thank you so much for trusting me. =D

total weight: i guess more than 5kg. it was so heavy. if it's not 5, then it shud be 4.9? lol okay bye.. thanks for reading. XD

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