Thursday, 12 April 2012

innovation: medical cartoon

i am not really into this kind of art..
im not that artistic to draw comic or cartoon..
not creative enough i guess. >,<
i realised it when someone gave me this task.. i mean, to draw cartoon.
i was like, errrr okay, ''ill try..''
but i couldnt think of any idea.. any medical related joke to be specific!
n it took me like weeks..
not really thought for the whole weeks larr.. but the work wasnt in progress for like weeks too.
hmm yeah probably i was busy with something else then.

so, i thought to simply innovate others art. its Almeida's cartoon i guess..
n, i redrew.
so just scroll down! =)

the sketch

2nd layer, with lil tone. 
i didnt took pic for the first layer, when it was monocoloured.

i was watching chipmunks 2 then. lol

almost done.

continued with d other drawing.

oh.. i terus buat toning.

eh dah siap! =D

after i scanned n edited them..
final results,

so people, to be specific, to UM MBBS students, 1st year & 2nd year (if possible), u can draw too.. these cartoons are actually my contribution towards a project named MEDLINE. It is some sort like is, but yeah, it's a new thing which was brought up by our friend, Zul & they (the committee) actually want all the content, i.e. the articles, interview, artwork n etc from the MBBS students themselve. Therefore, u are sooooooooooooo welcomed to contribute ur idea and as im the one who incharge in this small box for cartoon n jokes, u may also send me ur drawing and ur name will be published. =)

so thank you for reading. bye2. =)


Nia_alJunid said...

cantik jugak cartoon tu..pandai izzah lukis..pasni lehla minta lukis karikatur or so on ye

KW said...

Very super duper nice!!!!!

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