Tuesday, 10 April 2012

MUNUS 2012

''Hey there peeps! MUNUS is finally back after a year break and this year, University of Malaya (UM) is hosting the event again. In contrast to previous arrangement, whereby UM and National University of Singapore (NUS) take alternate turns every year to be the host, UM is hosting the event again for the second year in a row. This is due to NUS playing host to another event in their university, thus unable to be the host this year.
Nevertheless, the show must go on and the organizing committee’s vision is to make MUNUS 2012 a highly successful and well organized sports carnival, which all of Malaysian will be proud of. MUNUS 2012 organizing committees will strive to achieve to bring competitive sports level among medical students to a greater heights and to make University of Malaya the center of excellence in both academics and sports.'' -taken from MUNUS2012's page.
so that's it! MUNUS is back! =D
nothing much to say but basically its a sport event between University of Malaya and University of Singapore. Im one of the committee and wud loveee to spread the news! hehe XD
for more detail please visit this page.
or click the cover photo below n LIKE the page in facebook.

errrr... but
the purpose of me posting this entry is just to promote the shirt selling. =P

This year, we will be selling the event jersey to everyone, not only the participants.

It is just RM16 per piece. To know more details on the shirt, you can click on the link below to view the blog post to find out more.

For first year and 2nd year MBBS students of UM, if you are interested to buy, please write your names and details on the forms circulating around the lecture hall, OR you can submit your order online on the form too which is available in the blog. Please be reminded not to do both as it may result in double orders. 

so basically, this is the design. available in 2 colours. bright yellow and apple green colour.

to buy the shirt online, click here.

bottomline: please support us! &

mood: kinda busy with final exam's preparation + some society works.
i'll post about me drawing cartoon (which it was saved like months ago in my draft n never posted)
so pray for me passing the exams n do well in everything im doing now! ngeee~ bye2.
assalamualaikum. n gracias! =)

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Soon Yee said...

IZZAH!!! I never knew u made a blog for MUNUS to increase our shirt sale... Thank you very much!! I felt so touched by your effort!

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