Sunday, 2 February 2014

blueberry chocolate sponge cake

lazy day...
basically to make this cake,
all u need are
1) sponge cake. any flavour u favour.
2) non-dairy whipping cream
3) a bit confectioner sugar
well, last
4) blueberry filling.

for sponge cake, u can buy the sponge mix or make urself. there are various recipes on webs.
beat whipping cream until it becomes thick and light. it took few minutes only.. and add a lil bit icing sugar if u want.. but if u bought rich gold non dairy whipping cream, its taste is just nice.. i didnt add any sugar.

cut the cakes into 2 or 3 layers.. n so, layer the cakes with cream and blueberry filling 2-3 times too. =)
finally, coat them with cream and make deco as u like. hehe

since i've extra batter tat day.. i baked them into cupcakes too.

yummaaayhh~ =D


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