Saturday, 8 February 2014

wedding's rainbow cupcakes

hello.. happy chinese new year.. happy weekend.. happy happy happy to all of u.
last week i've gotten an order from a friend of mine, for her sis's wedding.
it was a fun process of making these cutie cuppies.
since i've small oven, to make all the cupcakes took quite a number of rounds.
so scroll down and have a look! (16 photos)

i coloured the batter into 6 different colours. and this round i chose pink and turquoise to be the most top colour.

some batch i did soft colours.. some are vibrant.

n some i made 3 colours on tops.

memang purposely used white paper cups to make the layered cupcakes inside can be seen lidat~

this one yang ter-overbaked. so i take it out and eat larr.. cake testing lar kiranya.. =D so, enough sugar and taste was okay! (y) i love the smell too.. i put vanilla powder into every batter.

how i stored them before decoration.

now, it's deco time! i divided them into 2. 2 different designs.
design #1

design #2

Im so into this kinda topping. Eventhough it seems like the icing's colour didnt (really) suit the cupcake, but that's okay..  it was still fun.. XD

Overall, it was a great experience for a beginner like me.. Didnt leave my card or phone number since i dont have one.. lol btw, I'm gonna start my final year already. I think i have to stop.. or slowly stop. Well, it is sad to think tat i wont be having so much time for this anymore.. in future. sobs.

okay. thanks for visiting. have a nice day people!
Assalamualaikum. =)

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