Wednesday, 6 July 2011

abstract painting #2

hi, assalamualaikum people!
today im not in the good of health.. huk2.
i stayed in my room for the whole day.
rest.. n went out dining to eat n watched tv
n then to my room again..
i dun feel comfortable with my throat..
n i can feel me warm..
n sometimes dizzy..
n feeling like sleeping 24/7
i think these are symptoms when i have to go back to college this sunday..
enrolling 2nd year..
but yeah.. im excited! but..
sumkind like not willingly to let go my holiday.. sobs ='( ok gedik

BUT i did something!!
one more painting!! XD

so just scroll down to see what i did..

i prepared 4 sheets of 200gsm drawing blocks n combined them together.

i DID NOT sketch with pencil this time.. directly put on my brush on the block.

actually i didnt know what was i doing.. seriously!

continue 'playing' with the brush.. n some how i did sketch with the brush.. not pencil

finished colouring the base.

after i let the base dried, i started to sketch the twigs.

shaded the twigs.

shaded them darker

i touched up a lil bit.

after the tree dried, i added flowers.. directly too.. (didnt sketch.. jimat masa) hehe

more more more sakura flowers.. ngee.. XD

closed up


then i painted the borders.. as i dun have any idea for its frame.

for its pad, i cut polisterine just d exact size as the painting.

tadaa! i hang it on the wall of my brother's (wan asyraf) bedroom

do comment ya! =)

p/s: oh please Allah, let me as healthy as wan izzah's before.. hehe
oh pening.
ok bye!
assalamualaikum. =)


silentswans said...

nice...very beautiful..u can do it even witout sketch?one day if ad galeri wan izzah i sure drop by..keep it up..:D

Wen Lee said...

this is just magnificent! i love ur work of art :D

Anonymous said...

dear, gorgeous u..!!!!!
i like...!!!!!
*excited giler tgk tgn berseni...hehe..

H.XD said...

Remember you told me before about our two of a kind thumbs? Haha. Now, it's proven :) Tangan memang berseni. Keep it up, sis! <3

Syuhada said...

hai, kak izzah, bangga pulak ada senior mcm akak ! haha. lupa pulak akak BKC dulu, no wonder lah hebat. Btw, damn cool! berapa lama akak buat ni ?

izzah jaffar said...

4 jam.. hehe nie pun nk balik uni dah.. sedih lah mcm ni.. =(

wan_cikgumuzik said...

OMG..!! its that true?? so wonderfull..!! i like art..!!

-selayang men-

Anonymous said...

watery stool at her best with watery brush!! i like it!!

scha nadya said...

love it!! enough said :)

Anonymous said...

nice arts! XD

Anonymous said...

Beautiful arts! Love it

PEAH said...


mh. ali said...



frame nye saje saye tak suke. tapi lukisan tu tetap cun wo!

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